Fisher glass fillers feature high quality construction, great looks, and simplicity of design for long service life. They are available in your choice of models to meet virtually any water service installation and need.


  1. Triple chrome plated.
  2. Standardized Internal Gaskets/Washer — easily replaceable.
  3. Replaceable Internal Parts
  4. Simple, Balanced Mechanism — fewer internal parts for long service life.
  5. Tamperproof Volume Control — perfect for self serve stations, avoids water waste, “overfilling” of glasses.
  6. Handles Both Paper & Glass Cups.
  7. One Piece Molded DelrinTM Prong —eliminates rubber bumpers, won’t mar or break glasses.
  8. Easily Replaceable Filler Head — interchangeable with all major brands.
  9. Stainless Steel Self Locking Seat Disk Screws.
  10. Stainless Steel Stream Straightener.
  11. ANSI/NSF 61, Section 9 Certified.

Glass Fillers