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Navigator Sensor Faucets

Restaurants and other foodservice operations are always looking to improve efficiency and promote better health practices. Hospitals must constantly be vigilant about controlling the spread of bacteria and viruses. And conserving water has become both a mandate and major business initiative for many organizations.

A leading maker of high-quality plumbing fixtures for three generations, Fisher Manufacturing has released an innovative new product that meets all those challenges: their new Navigator™ Sensor Faucets.

Better hygiene
A regular touchpoint for staff, customers and patients alike, faucet handles are notorious for transmitting germs, bacteria and viruses that can spread sickness. Hands-free Fisher Navigator™ Sensor Faucets are a smart alternative that can cut contamination risk and, as a result, help to reduce employee absenteeism as well.

Enhanced conservation
As part of their business plan or a larger green initiative, most organizations seek to curb resource usage, while many others operate under strict water conservation mandates. Sensor-driven Navigator™ Faucets can save nearly a gallon of water for every effective hand wash lasting the 20-second minimum. An adjustable shut-off delay reduces water waste, while an automatic time-out halts flow after a set period to guard against tampering.

Add lower energy costs that often result from reduced water usage, and Fisher Navigator™ Sensor Faucets can save organizations money, plus help the environment.

Legendary Fisher reliability
Fisher Manufacturing has built a reputation for innovation and quality since their founding in 1936; and their new Navigator™ Sensor Faucets are part of that heritage. They offer improved efficiency along with guaranteed performance with smart features like a mechanical mixing valve to prevent scalding, along with a variable sensor range to accommodate different sink sizes or personal preferences.

Fisher Navigator™ Sensor Faucets come in both wall- (P/N 73750) and deck-mounted (P/N 73751) setups, and offer the convenience of AC and DC power configurations, too.

Navigator Sensor Faucets Features

Available models:
WALL MOUNT - Model #73750
DECK MOUNT - Model #73751