Fisher Manufacturing Helps Fund a Life-Giving Water Project in Ethiopia

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Fisher Manufacturing Helps Fund a Life-Giving Water Project in Ethiopia

Tulare, CA – In developed and undeveloped countries alike, clean water is essential for life. Access to a nearby clean water source reduces the chance of waterborne diseases, strengthens the health of a community, and also increases the safety of its citizens.

Recognizing the importance of reliable water to people and businesses, Fisher Manufacturing has partnered with Charity: Water to build a well in Ethiopia, where it is estimated that some 61 million people lack access to safe water, and where many walk more than three hours to collect it.

Fisher is a world leader in commercial plumbing equipment, as well as an enthusiastic supporter of causes which benefit the world. Although this is their first association with Charity: Water, they have worked with similar agencies for many years, notably Water Wells for Africa.

“It’s truly amazing the impact a clean water well can have on a community,” says President Ray Fisher, Jr., “which is why we’re proud to support Charity: Water. Along with the obvious health benefits, a nearby well makes people safer, helps them spend less time fetching water and more time caring for their families, and also lets children return to school. Everybody wins.”

Charity: Water funds water projects in 24 developing countries around the world. Private donors cover all their operating costs, so 100% of public donations go into developing actual on-the-ground water projects.

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